An Adopted Shelter Cat’s Character Flip was the Best Thing I Took from 2020

By: Nicole Stocker

So, 2020 was not really the best year I have heard for many people. Perhaps this is my opinion, but I am confident it was not completely bad. The world shutdown many businesses and colleges in March. I have seen many people post pandemic, ‘Black Lives Matter’, and political memes on social media to have enough of an evaluation on public opinion 2020. 

You may be asking me, “What was good about 2020?” Well, for me it was adopting a shelter cat. The fact that I adopted a small black cat who kept me guessing. I honestly would also say it was interesting getting my two-year associates of arts degree from college during a pandemic online switch over mid-semester. Nevertheless, my experience with the shelter to adopt a small feline with a deceptive personality was 2020’s best!

The events that happened at the same shelter afterwards was probably my favorite thing in 2020 hands down. It was right after I got my taxes in February 2020. People knew what COVID-19 was, but you could go into a college or work only to hear people laughing about touching elbows instead of shaking hands. I adopted what I think was the cutest little sleepy black cat from a no kill shelter in Davenport, Iowa. This cat was not even inventoried at the shelter when I met her. Her name was Bella which is a cute name. 

Within the first week after I adopted Bella, I discovered she was physically ill. Bella was taken to the vet immediately. I was able to get her antibiotics and her illness cleared up. She was at first a sleepy cat who did not eat more than once a day with encouragement. Once Bella’s illness cleared up, the pandemic hit the world.

I had her separated from my other cat Derpy while Bells was ill. She continued to be separated from Derpy until he could slowly become acquainted to her. Part of the reason I had gotten Bella was to adapt her to Derpy for companionship. Derpy was close to my dog Lady Mae who had passed in August 2019 and he had become quite lonely. Additionally, I had started to work 3 part time jobs and going to school part time in February 2020.

The pandemic had given me extra time to work with bonding my cats to become a compatible pair. The cats were able to be in each other’s presence unsupervised. By this time, I could return to work at one of my job’s safety. 

Bella’s sleepy personality had vanished with her illness.

As it turned out, Bella was actually a very active cat. Derpy became more playful and livelier after spending time with her after months of being clingy with me and depressed. Also, 2020 was the year when the shelter that once had Bella had at one point managed to find homes for all the shelter animals. Therefore, I have concluded to explain why truly the best thing of 2020 for me was adopting a shelter animal. 

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