Why I believe in Jesus Christ

By: William Fabyan

Believing in Jesus is not a religion but a relationship. When we hear of Christianity we automatically think of a set of rules and regulations that we have to follow in order to be perfect for the God we serve. However, please understand, that is not the case!

As a little African boy born into a Christian family, I believed in God my whole life but never really lived according to His teachings which can be found in the Bible. Jesus was my grandmother’s Jesus. I loved the things that the world had to offer. As I grew up, I became lustful over women and struggled with sexual immorality. When I got into college I began to have premarital sex and gave my attention to drugs. I quickly found myself feeling empty and unhappy. I was not satisfied. I felt lost and unsettled.

Jesus gives life. He gives you hope. His love heals. Think of the love that you experienced/received from the person that has loved you the most, His is waaay better. It’s unconditional and has no limits. People in this world will fail you but He never will. I repented and decided to follow Him again. It was not easy but He was able to break chains pertaining to lust in my life. He’s made me more humble and understanding of others. He’s teaching me self control. He’s teaching me how to love and not be selfish. Jesus can turn your life around. Think about this, just as you will taste different meals to see which ones you like best, when you taste of Him by willing to know Him, He will change your life! You will never be the same. You would not want to go back to your old way of living. Taste and see for yourself.

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