What really is Cyberpunk?

by Noah Thompson Whether or not you have the most recent game console or the newest PC hardware, Cyberpunk 2077 has dealt drama across all platforms; even if you have experienced minimal issues, one could suggest that everyone has been deceived by the developers, CD Projekt Red. Crashes, glitches, and missing content are some of the main points of criticism surrounding the new release, not … Continue reading What really is Cyberpunk?

The Downfall of Modern Amazing Spider-Man

By Jack Sellers In 2006 the massively successful Marvel story Civil War began, and at the end of the second issue one of the biggest moments of the entire Marvel universe occurs; Peter Parker reveals to the world his secret identity as Spider-Man. Critics of the hit mini-series called out Mark Millar’s often out of character writing for characters, and in particular Peter’s character. Shortly … Continue reading The Downfall of Modern Amazing Spider-Man

Commanders cup Trivia Event

Attention: Student Veterans at Western Macomb and Quad Cities, we are asking you join us for a virtual trivia challenge on February 18th from 12pm – 1pm. This event is free and we are offering cash prizes for 1st – 3rd places with the 1st place prize being $300. If intested contact Curtis Williams @ cm-williams11@wiu.edu to receive registration information. This event is being sponsored … Continue reading Commanders cup Trivia Event