Chicago MD, PD and Fire Review

By: Addison Seei

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chicago Med, Fire, and P.D. they play on NBC on Wednesday nights. Chicago Med starts at 7, Chicago Fire starts at 8, and Chicago P.D. starts right after at 9. These shows are not like your typical drama/crime show. In these three shows they pull in a lot of real-life scenarios. Sometimes they will do what they call a “crossover” and
put all three shows into one. This happens to be my favorite because all of the actors are
together. When there is not a crossover, Chicago PD is my favorite. I would like to work in law enforcement after graduating so this show in particular has been my favorite. My second favorite out of these three is Chicago Fire. I like this one almost as much as I like Chicago P.D. because they inquire of the police in this show a lot as well, to spice things up. This show has drama, romance, and of course a lot of firefighters doing their job to protect their city of Chicago. A couple of years ago I visited Chicago and we went to the fire house that they film this show at. While we were standing outside a firefighter asked us to come in. He then gave us a tour of the whole fire house and showed us where all of our favorite scenes were filmed at.
Unfortunately, none of the actors were there that day filming. My least favorite out of these three shows is Med. This happens to be only because I am squeamish of blood. When the show is not showing procedures being done, or blood then I love
it just as much as the other two. This show is not in a hospital 24/7, they include comedy, drama, and romance just like the other two do. Since covid they have made the background of this show
very heart felt towards covid patients. The first episode they aired since covid started they made a ‘heart-whelming’ contribute to covid victims and at the end of the episode all of the actors got together and prayed for their victims. Overall, I would give each of these shows a 10 out of 10. My family and I watch all three of these shows every Wednesday night. These shows are more heartfelt than a drama, that is what I like most about them. I suggest to everyone to give this show a shot and watch it.

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