The Trend Taking over TikTok

By: Sydney McDaniel

I am sure by now most of you have seen this viral dish that has blown up the internet, or perhaps you have noticed feta cheese selling out at your local grocery store. It is a simple dish that includes cherry tomatoes, olive oil, seasonings, noodles, and a block of feta in the middle. You bake it till the feta melts then add in the cooked pasta. What seems like such an ordinary dish has started to gain popularity and people cannot seem to have enough of it.

It all started in Finland about a year ago, and finally made it to the US at the end of January. The trend which started in Finland, created a shortage of feta cheese in their country. Since then, the app TikTok has been filled with videos of creators making this pasta. Some have even made their own versions of this pasta to try instead. It got me wondering if it was worth all the hype. Me being the pasta lover I am, had to make it. Long story short, it was very disappointing. The only thing you can taste is the strong flavor of feta cheese. It was too overwhelming for my taste. Although I did not care for it, I know a lot of people that do enjoy it. So, if you are ever able to get your hands on a block of feta, give it a try.

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