Texas Crisis

By: Addison Seei

As many of you know, Texas has been going through a crisis. For us who live in the midwest a little snow and ice seems like nothing. This storm left a devastating aftermath for Texas business and homeowners. With Texan citizens not being used to this type of crisis, they were not ready for it to come. Texas failed to prepare for extreme cold. With this being said, many people had pipes bursting in their homes, roofs of homes were decaying, and peoples pool pipes were bursting as well. This crisis also put a hospital in Texas without running water and working toilets. With everything that happened a lot of Texans lost power due to the snow. The increase of cold weather set record lows. This caused the cost of natural gas prices to skyrocket. If you haven’t noticed yet, you may soon. Energy supply companies are advising you to take shorter showers, keep the heat down low in your house and wear more clothes to keep warmer, otherwise your bills will skyrocket as well.

On friday President Joe Biden ensured people in Texas that the federal government will help them recover from the aftermath that the brutal storm left them with. Texas is unable to borrow power from other states right now because of how vulnerable the state is, power grids could potentially solve this problem. Now that Texas has encountered this terrible crisis, they will be more likely to prepare for something like to happen again next year. Governors will prepare for extreme cold weather for the sake of the citizens and businesses.

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