PC Hobbies to Consider

PC Hobbies to Consider by Noah Thompson As console hardware evolves closer to computer gaming technology, many will prefer the more straightforward of the two. Upon the release of next-gen gaming consoles it has become clear that high-end PCs are not the only way to experience a videogame’s potential. Video quality, framerate, and affordable titles have been associated with PC gaming for years; now that … Continue reading PC Hobbies to Consider

It’s 2021, Let’s Stop Unpaid Internships

By: Trisha McCullough As a first-generation college student, my expectations for college were largely based on the media I consumed. Movies and TV shows in the early 2000s shaped my vision on what to expect but I quickly found out that 1: we are no longer living in 2004 and 2: movies are not good portrayals of reality. I am embarrassed to admit that I … Continue reading It’s 2021, Let’s Stop Unpaid Internships

Famous Rapper Eminem makes Twitter Controversy

By: Nicole Stocker Addressed by a Millennial Perspective: “Rap God” singer has hit the topic of discussion on Twitter. Eminem or Mather has caused a clash in generational taste due to lyrics. The song “Love the Way You Lie” was presented in 2010 with Eminem rapping that featured vocals from Rihanna. The questioned lyrics by rapper Eminem were “If she ever leaves again, I’m going … Continue reading Famous Rapper Eminem makes Twitter Controversy