Famous Rapper Eminem makes Twitter Controversy

By: Nicole Stocker

Addressed by a Millennial Perspective:

“Rap God” singer has hit the topic of discussion on Twitter. Eminem or Mather has caused a clash in generational taste due to lyrics. The song “Love the Way You Lie” was presented in 2010 with Eminem rapping that featured vocals from Rihanna. The questioned lyrics by rapper Eminem were “If she ever leaves again, I’m going to tie her to a bed and set this house on fire.” 

Some Generation Z Twitter followers have claimed that Eminem added to the “cancelled culture” due to the nature of these lyrics. Eminem responded back to being a part of this controversial discussion with a song called “Tone Deaf.” 

However some millennials on Twitter have another opinion. This has caused a social known dispute between Generation Z and Millennials. 

As a millennial, I want to share why Eminem isn’t going to go down the “cancel culture” road. This especially seems to be the case when a good portion of millennials are supporting Eminem’s career. A huge reason being millennials are the largest recorded generation of people to be born in one time frame. 

Another reason Eminem isn’t really being added to “cancel culture” is that there is no record that Eminem tied anyone to a bed and lit them on fire. This seems like an expression of negative emotions and passion in his music. So cancelling him for the previously described lyrics from “Love the Way You Lie” specifically would seem to have little weight in his ability to act on them as it stands now.

Eminem has gotten multiple criminal charges which he has clearly mentioned in “Tone Deaf.” He has been honest about his domestic assault on his daughter’s mother from lyrics from “When I’m Gone. “

As a disclaimer, domestic assault isn’t right. It would honestly make a little more sense if Generation Z had used his lyrics from “When I’m Gone” to fuel their case instead of pulling lyrics from “Love the Way You Lie.” Not to mention for Generation Z to target “Love the Way You Lie” also affects a piece of Rhianna’s career as well. Rihanna was recovering around 2010 as a victim of domestic assault from her relationship with Chris Brown. 

However, “Love the Way You Lie” has been around for many years and even played at the VMA awards for MTV in 2010. Eminem has been successful for years regardless of his criminal history. He continues to overcome regardless of the people who have been against his music or stances over the years. 

Part of why it’s shocking on why Eminem became so successful is that he came from a family in poverty. He also raps about living on government housing with his mother. This part of his life is mentioned in the lyrics from the song “Cleaning Out My Closet.” 

Additionally, Eminem’s music  is fueled off what he considers to be his “haters.” This is why he was able to create “Tone Deaf” in response to the Twitter controversy. “Tone Deaf” has a video on YouTube. It has already has over 557 thousand likes at this time and 6.2 K dislikes. 

The number of likes on Eminem’s new song should really be a good indication on how deep the loyalty of Eminem’s fans are to support him. This is why it will be extremely difficult to cancel Eminem.

This seems especially difficult when he is honest with his negative feelings and actions while expressing them in his work. He has become so big in rap over the years. This would require much work than what is there right now adding Eminem to “cancel culture.”



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