Obesity with COVID-19

By: Addison Seei

With COVID-19 lasting over a year long, many people are fed up with it. At the beginning of the virus people went on long walks because it was the only time they were able to get out of their house. After a couple of months of nothing changing, people had enough and went back to their old ways. With gyms being closed and people not being able to go out and do things that they were used to doing, people started to gain a lot of weight from staying at home 24/7. Many doctors said that the greater the weight you have the more likely you are to receive COVID-19. Not only are you more likely to receive COVID but you are more likely to die from it if you are obese as well. People who are overweight are more likely to require intensive care when they go into the hospital for COVID related symptoms. People who are less likely to have health care are more likely to be obese. Doctors are asking people to exercise as much as they can, especially during this time of the pandemic because being overweight will do nothing but hurt you if you catch the virus. 

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