Benefits of Reading

By: Sidney McDaniel

It’s no secret that reading makes you more intelligent. Reading strengthens your brain as it develops. This is especially important in young children. Parents who read to their children from infancy to early elementary years will familiarize their kids with books. This strengthens their vocabulary, communication skills, and strengthens their brain activity. My mom would read to me ever since I was born and continued until I was confident to read on my own. By doing this it created a love of reading. I started memorizing the books she would read to me often, and essentially “read” them and know what words would come next. 

Not only does it make you smarter, but it relaxes you and reduces stress. Some people prefer reading a book to relax verses doing yoga. As you sink into a book your mind becomes enthralled with the story you are visualizing in your head. It is exciting but it makes you feel calm at the same time. Doctors say if you need something to do before bed read a book rather than going on your phone or devices. The light from your phone is harmful in the process of falling asleep, and reading a book is a healthy way to get a good night’s sleep.   

Furthermore, reading increases brain activity and vocabulary, decreases stress and can help with a better night’s sleep.  

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