Cookies and Dreams

By: Addison Seei

(Opinion Piece)

If you have not been to Cookies and Dreams, I highly recommend that you go. Cookies and dreams is a bakery that has a bunch of delicious cookies. Cookies and Dreams has two locations that you can go to, one in downtown Davenport and another one in Bettendorf by the Bett Plex. At this bakery they stuff all their cookies. For example, a chocolate chip cookie is stuffed with fudge. If you love cookies like I do you will absolutely love this bakery. When you walk into this bakery, they have a bunch of neon lights to make the bakery look cool and give it a pop of culture. Both locations of this bakery have five stars online, and many great reviews about their cookies. I would also give this bakery a five-star rating as I have loved every cookie I have tried, and I have tried a lot of them. The first Cookies and Dreams opened in downtown Davenport last September and the location in Bettendorf opened in January of this year. The only complaint that would have about this bakery is that their cookies are a little bit pricey. One cookie starts at three dollars a piece and goes up. With that being said I still recommend that you try this bakery as soon as possible. It is delicious. 

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