Activities to do over the summer with covid


This will be our second summer living through a pandemic. The only difference is this summer things will be more laid back and more places will be opened. This summer there will be many things to do with your family and friends. If you like to play sports you could play a game with your friends outside, that way you are still social distancing but having fun. There are many more options for outside activities such as swimming, hiking, going on family walks, rock climbing and kayaking. If you are a person who doesn’t like going outside at much there are many options for inside activities as well. You could make crafts with a child, or a person of any age. Another fun activity that I like to do is baking with my family. Many people are not a fan, but working out is always a good inside or outside activity to do. With all of this being said, there will be a lot more to do this summer than there was last summer.

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