Movie Theaters or Streaming Services?


Ever since 2020 when Covid-19 shut everything down, the box office hasn’t been the same. We saw big name movies halt with production until a later date, and movie theaters started closing. With everyone stuck inside, it was time for the streaming services to bring their A-game. Disney+ which streams all things Marvel movies, Disney original movies, shows and much more, became incredibly popular during this time. People turned to Hulu and Netflix, but that still didn’t solve the problem that there weren’t new movies debuting.

            As time has gone on movie theaters have opened back up with limited capacity and social distancing. “Big name” movies have started production and releasing again. HBO Max which is $14.99 a month streaming service offers not only newly released movies, but tons of movies and shows from A-Z. Did you know the movies Zack Snyder’s: Justice League and Godzilla vs Kong that are playing in theaters is offered on HBO Max? That’s right, $14.99 a month to watch the newest released movies. I think it’s a fantastic idea of HBO Max to offer this. Not only is it appealing to the consumer but the company itself as well. I personally own this service and it has been incredible. I can watch the newest movies from the comfort of my own home without paying the outrageous movie theater prices. It’s cost effective, and you can watch the movies and shows repeatedly. If you think about it, $14.99 is almost the price of one movie ticket, and you are paying that for the entire streaming service and all it has to offer. This a great alternative to still watch the movies you want while staying safe and saving money.

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