DUNE and Critical Analysis of Modern Media

DUNE and Critical Analysis of Modern Mediaby Jack Sellers Not too long ago, I saw an article using the 2021 adaptation of Frank Herbet’s massively influential science fiction novel Dune to discuss how overanalyzing media has overrun popular culture. The long and short of the article was that movies are supposed to be entertainment, and looking for connections to the real world and themes within … Continue reading DUNE and Critical Analysis of Modern Media

Does Live-Action Anime Work?

Does Live-Action Anime Work?by Noah Thompson There have been many live-action adaptations of anime and cartoon series that have greatly disrupted the fans over the years. Ranging from “Dragonball Evolution-horrific” to “Alita: Battle Angel-acceptable”, these live-action adaptations rarely unite fans in the same way the source material does. Every once in a while, someone in Hollywood attempts to recreate a series with a much larger … Continue reading Does Live-Action Anime Work?