Interview with Collin Strajack

by Nikee Stocker 

This week, I interviewed Collin Strajack at the coffee shop Brewed Books in Davenport, Iowa. Collin Strajack is a Comedian from the Quad City area. Collin does many community projects as well as works a 9-5 job in helping people with work related insurance questions. Collin is a mental health advocate and enjoys promoting this in the community. He also hosts a podcast from his house called Modern Day Overthinker where people are interviewed nationwide. Collin attended Assumption High School. He then attended St. Ambrose University and graduated in 2012 with a business degree. He hopes to keep helping people and creating content that makes a difference.

Interview Questions

1.     What do you want people when they think of your name to know you by?

Comedy, my podcast, and mental health advocacy. Promoting conversations about stuff that matters and less small talk or gossip. People are suffering in silence because they do not know how communicate their feelings or are afraid to. Especially men do not always feel as though they can be vulnerable and discuss mental health topics.

2.     If you could live in any kind of place in the world, what kind of place would you live in? (Housing type, landscape, Ect.)

I would like to find a secluded area with land to build or make something else. I think I would find peace and less distractions. I prefer a small house and to be more minimalist. A ranch house would be nice. 

3.     I heard you have a Podcast, tell me more about this and its content…

Modern day overthinker.

I just interviewed Christian Hann. I have conversations about mental health and self-growth. I have heard a lot of stories about trauma. I think giving someone to listen to or giving someone motivation benefits people. It also, you know, gives them hope that someone cares to hear them. It gives people that perspective and time to get someone from a genuine standpoint. I run the Modern-Day Overthinker podcast as volunteer work out of the Quad Cities Community and into the world. I release an episode every month on top of working a 9am-5pm job. There has been a huge progression in the number of listeners. I have found the age frame is 25-32. Based on my data, women listen to my podcasts more than men. My next Comedy show is at “The Cru” in the Quad Cities area. “The Cru” is a wine bar on Brady Street in Davenport, Iowa. This show is on Sunday, February 5th with doors starting to open at 4 p.m. The show is at 5pm. 

4.     What is your favorite animal?

I do not know why but, I always thought it would be fun to have a pet monkey. 

5.     If you had a theme song or jingle, what would be your influences for creating this?

I would have to say Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon” Album would influence a theme song or a jingle.

6.     I heard you perform stand-up comedy, what show or show series that you have performed at is your best work or favorite?

Sanctuary pub had a Red Room Showcase show in Iowa City just under 10 minutes. 

The Stardust show series was stressful, but I’d also say the first Stardust show that I hosted. Hosting the stardust was not an easy task and became stressful for me. 

7.     What is your favorite food?

That is hard because I really like food. However, I would have to say deep dish pizza.

8.    How would you like the projects you are doing to influence people?

Influence people to get out of their comfort zone and not let fear control their life. Have better communication with the people they care about. Have better communication with strangers. Technology prevents a lot of this. Using technology to promote positive things and changes.

9.    Who has had the most impact in your life?

My Parents probably had the biggest impact on my life. Both of my parents really had the same amount of impact. I was well taken care of. Taught me how to work and work hard and respect others. Humility is a huge part. Humor from both sides of the family. My mom had a lot of brothers and sisters. Both come from working class families and have a different perspective. I am grateful that they could send me to a private school.  

10.  How will you live life feeling the most fulfilled? 

Not losing touch with reality. Meeting someone and having a family. Building something whether that be a broadcast or creating something awesome with potential entertaining content. 

11.  What is your dream job as a kid?

I wanted to be a baseball player, more specifically, a pitcher.

12.  If you had to choose a person to co-host a show right now, who would you choose?

Donnie Townsend would be a cool person to co-host a show with. Donny is one of my local favorites. 

13.  If you could do anything to help the world, be a better place with any resources given to you, what would you do?

The health care system infrastructure needs to be fixed. People avoid health care because of the costs.

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