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What are We?thing

We are a student run publication that lives online. It is meant to a be a way for the student body to express themselves, practice their skills in whatever form of writing they choose and as a representation of the diversity and varied interests of students attending WIU-QC.

Who are We?thing

Editor… Amber DiCosola

Tech Manager… Nathasha Chandrasekharan

Our Writers…


Margaret Laupp is a 23 year old graduate from the University of Northern Iowa. She currently attends Western Illinois as a graduate student in the Museum Studies program. The two great loves of her life are history and writing. She hopes to become a museum director and published author one day. In her writing for The Edge she hopes to both amuse the reader as well as opening the door for more thought-provoking discussion.




‘A Matthew Berry in his twenties,’ ‘the one true fantasy football guru’ these are just two of the ways Dan Dankert jokingly describes his knowledge of fantasy football. Dan is the resident fantasy football expert here at WIU-QC and will be giving his weekly take of the state of fantasy football to turn your lack luster team into a contender. A lover of all things fantasy football and eSports feel free to send your questions about either to him or give him a visit at 2414.



Stephanie Hoover is an English MA student with a BA in LAS: psychology, sociology, and English. Stephanie holds officer positions in the following WIU clubs: CSS, IDEAS, and Psychology Club and is an avid writer for The Edge. Her interests include: movies, reading, crafts, communication, blogging, and activism. Stephanie has two published books, My Post Life and Pretty Much Poems, as well as runs the following Facebook pages, Real Women of the Quad Cities, Stephanie Hoover (author page), and Women, Girls, and Feminine Things. Stephanie writes in about every way possible and about everything she finds of interest and is curious and passionate about. Feel free to reach out to her at


Luke Cummings is a twenty-eight year old junior at Western Illinois University-Quad Cities, where he is majoring in English. He is a veteran of the Marine Corps infantry in which he served from 2006 to 2010. As he enjoys writing both for personal reasons and to benefit others, he hopes to build a career as an author or writer in some form. When he’s not poring over the endless reading of books and writing of papers that come with English courses, he loves spending time with his wife and two children, as well as cooking anything and everything, and desperately trying to improve his golf game.





Laura Winton is a writer, performer, teacher, and current graduate student in English.  She has done all kinds of writing from academic to journalism to technical writing and creative writing.  She has taught at the University of Minnesta, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and Scott Community College.  She also published a literary magazine, Karawane: Or, the Temporary Death of the Bruitist, for which she recently got a grant from Quad City Arts, thanks to a grant writing class she took at WIU last fall.




Sean Harrison is an English major and a self-described (self-taught) film historian and comic book nerd.   Outside of this, he possesses various other interest such as film theory, literature, music, writing and science fiction.  He is currently the primary film critic for the paper and—in fact—used to run his own film review blog.  In addition, he also enjoys writing about pretty much anything (as long as it interests him).  This especially applies to anything creative.  Mr. Harrison cannot be reached anywhere online.

Join the Team!thing

The EDGE is always on the lookout for new talent!

For the Fall 2016 Semester, we have positions open for:

  • Business Manager
  • Photographers (2 Positions)
  • Writers/Reporters

Talent Grants are available to weekly or bi-weekly writers as well as other official positions on the EDGE team.

Must be registered as full time students to be eligible:
Undergraduate- 12 credit hours
Graduate- 9 credit hours

If interested email us at


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