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What are We?thing

We are a student run publication that lives online. It is meant to a be a way for the student body to express themselves, practice their skills in whatever form of writing they choose and as a representation of the diversity and varied interests of students attending WIU-QC.

Who are We?thing

Editor-in Chief… Dan Dankert

Business Manager… Lindsey Bideaux

Publishing Editor… Adam Norris

Sports Writer… Vanessa Forbes

Music Writer… Priscilla Porter

Book Review Writer…Gabi Rutherford

Video Game Writer…Andrew Lindeman

Art Writer… Brooke Wessel

Movie Review Writer…Dakota Gordon




Dan Dankert serves as Editor-In-Chief of The Edge. A former writer of fantasy football and esports, Dan is familiar with writing for The Edge. If you have any questions, comments, or questionable comments about The Edge, don’t hesitate to send Dan an email at

Gabi Rutherford is a Human Resource Management student here at Western Illinois University-Quad Cities. Gabi enjoys taking nature walks, watching Netflix, and reading in her free time. Gabi gives her opinion on books that she reads in her reviews, and she loves to hear recommendations of books for her to read and review next. You can contact Gabi at

Dakota Gordon is a mid-twenty English major hoping to get into the technical writing business, whether as an editor, textbook writer, or otherwise. While grammar has always been his strong suit, his true interests align with the creative—artistic expression aimed at the psychological and innate motivations of mankind. Enticed by passion, his writing style hopes to indulge in both the technical and the emotional. Outside of spouting pseudo-philosophy, his interests include films, anime, football, and video games, all of these common subjects of his online blog.




Join the Team!thing

The EDGE is always on the lookout for new talent!

Talent Grants are available to weekly or bi-weekly writers as well as other official positions on the EDGE team.

Must be registered as full time students to be eligible:
Undergraduate- 12 credit hours
Graduate- 9 credit hours

If interested email us at or email Dan Dankert at


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