Why We Need a Man-Bat Movie

Why We Need a Man-Bat Movie by Logan Volkert Opinion* Let’s talk Batman. I love the character, and I love his world. Gotham is dark, unwelcoming, dangerous, and its inhabitants are eccentric and grotesque. It’s a city that blends Lovecraftian design with superhero narratives. From its thematic dive into mental illness with characters like the Riddler, or its exploration of twistedly beautiful romances like with … Continue reading Why We Need a Man-Bat Movie

Benefits of Reading

By: Sidney McDaniel It’s no secret that reading makes you more intelligent. Reading strengthens your brain as it develops. This is especially important in young children. Parents who read to their children from infancy to early elementary years will familiarize their kids with books. This strengthens their vocabulary, communication skills, and strengthens their brain activity. My mom would read to me ever since I was … Continue reading Benefits of Reading

It’s 2021, Let’s Stop Unpaid Internships

By: Trisha McCullough As a first-generation college student, my expectations for college were largely based on the media I consumed. Movies and TV shows in the early 2000s shaped my vision on what to expect but I quickly found out that 1: we are no longer living in 2004 and 2: movies are not good portrayals of reality. I am embarrassed to admit that I … Continue reading It’s 2021, Let’s Stop Unpaid Internships