Five Relaxing Games to Consider

Five Relaxing Games to Considerby Noah Thompson Undeniably, multiplayer games can take a toll on a player’s mental health. No matter the platform or release date, games from numerous genres across years have become pastime recreations for billions. With so many different people playing a game at any given time, you never know who you are going to meet. Sometimes it may feel like you … Continue reading Five Relaxing Games to Consider

Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola RAZR 2020

I am pretty sure since the dawn of smartphones, majority of the world threw away or neglected their flip phones and jumped on to the touchscreen smartphone bus. However, let me pose this question: Is one willing to go back to a flip phone if this flip phone has been jacked up with amazing technology? Maybe an answer can be clearly thought out after viewing … Continue reading Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola RAZR 2020

Considered the LG Velvet?

LG’s newest phone, LG Velvet, was released this past spring. Many argue that the phone’s sleek look strongly competes with the likes of iphone 11 and Samsung S20. However the edge that this phone has over the innovative technologies of iphone 11 and Samsung S20 is it’s dual screen feature! Camera In addition, the LG velvet surprisingly has a 16 MP front camera, which is … Continue reading Considered the LG Velvet?

Nintendo News in 2019

Nintendo News in 2019 by Andrew Lindeman   On February 13th, Nintendo held its first Direct of the year. For those of you who don’t know what a Direct is, it is a small video conference where new games are revealed and previously announced games get new features or release dates declared. Within the 37 minute video, 9 new games were announced along with tons … Continue reading Nintendo News in 2019