Fair Trade Gift Guide – Shop Smartly

I hate surprises, so I like to largely shop for my own gifts. In my constant struggle to be conscious of how my purchases affect the world (thanks to Professor Tammy Werner, I can no longer shop guilt-free), I decided to begin looking for fair trade options for my own Christmas presents. (I particularly want an ethically made, sub-$100 shoulder bag, if anyone has any … Continue reading Fair Trade Gift Guide – Shop Smartly

“The Working Dead”

Dave knocked tentatively on his boss’ open door, still holding the sticky note summoning him to her office. “You wanted to see me, Ms. Levin?” “Yes! Please, have a seat. How are you today, Dave?” Her voice was cheery, her motion toward the chair smooth, but her eyes were narrowed, scrutinizing Dave’s movements, words, and aura. “Fine. Good. Fine.” “Dave, we—your co-workers and I—Bethany, in … Continue reading “The Working Dead”