McMeekan Recieves Book Scholarship

Congratulations to Julia McMeekan for receiving a $100 scholarship towards textbooks for the Spring 2015 semester. The money was awarded to the English department as a faculty incentive for ordering class materials for the spring semester early. The faculty was then able to distribute the scholarship to a senior English student with an exceptional GPA. Read on Julia! Continue reading McMeekan Recieves Book Scholarship

Local Music Lovers: Lend Me Your Mondays

Starting earlier this month, a new weekly event was added to the QC’s growing list of extracurricular activities: Moeller Mondays. Curated by Daytrotter, a website that is combined with a local music studio, one of a handful around the country, Moeller Mondays is hosted at the Rozz Tox in downtown Rock Island and features live performances of the best and newest indie music in the … Continue reading Local Music Lovers: Lend Me Your Mondays