Hey, Quad Cities! What Are You Doing Friday Night?

The comedy scene in the Quad Cities is one that some can say they are familiar with. Improv groups like Comedy Sportz and Blacklist have been successful and are the most readily available form of comedy in the area, but there is no true home for stand-up comedy aside from touring comedians who drop in for a night. Davenport comedian and all around Quad City … Continue reading Hey, Quad Cities! What Are You Doing Friday Night?

Motivational Midterms: A Playlist

It’s that time of year again, kids. When the papers, readings, projects, quizzes, and assignments are piling up to immeasurable heights to the point where it is so overwhelming that it simply just will not get done. Or maybe that’s only me. Maybe all other students have a handle on their lives for the most part. It does not matter what kind of inherently successful … Continue reading Motivational Midterms: A Playlist