Book Rentals: If you rented books from the Western Illinois University Bookstore, you will be emailed a prepaid UPS label and instructions on how to return your rented books at the end of the spring semester. Due dates have been extended from the previous date in an effort to provide you additional time to prepare your book return. Students should expect to receive two emails … Continue reading IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING TEXTBOOKS 

Needing Emotional Support? Please know that there’s help

Gov. Pritzker said Call 4 Calm isn’t a crisis hotline, but rather a source of support. Residents who text the line will be contacted by a counselor from a local community mental health center. Residents can be connected with mental health professionals by texting “TALK” or “HABLAR,” for Spanish speakers, to 5-5-2-0-2-0. Individuals can also use the text line to be connected with services related … Continue reading Needing Emotional Support? Please know that there’s help


Even before its official declaration, Sexual Assault Awareness Month(SAAM) was about both awareness and prevention of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. Looking at the history of the movement to end sexual violence, it’s clear why: It’s impossible to prevent an issue no one knows about, and it’s difficult to make people aware of a problem without providing a solution. The two work in tandem, and … Continue reading APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT MONTH