Digitalization and Disenchantment

Digitalization and Disenchantmentby Karissa Geisinger My entire generation doesn’t know a world without the internet. The internet and first cell phones were invented when my own parents were very young. The World Wide Web was released to the public in 1993 and the first smartphone in 1994. Just 13 years later, the first iPhone was released. I was only three years old. The internet evolved … Continue reading Digitalization and Disenchantment

The CHIPS Act, and Its Importance

The CHIPS Act, and Its Importanceby Claire Henniges Last month the CHIPS and science act was passed into law, which focuses on federal aid to increase microchip production in the United States. This is after nearly a two year long microchip shortage, which increased prices and decreased availability of electronic devices, which many consumers are still on backorder for. If the act is applied successfully, … Continue reading The CHIPS Act, and Its Importance

Facebook’s New Meta

Facebook’s New Meta by Noah Thompson Just more than a week ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new parent company name for Facebook and their portfolio of services. The jump to Meta was a move to shift focus from the iconic Facebook name to a brand that represents their ambitions for the larger metaverse. On October 28th, in his Founder’s Letter, Zuckerberg shared, “Right now our … Continue reading Facebook’s New Meta

Unfinished Business: The State of Today’s Games

Unfinished Business: The State of Today’s Gamesby Noah Thompson We have gotten quite used to the frequent flow of patch notes and content coming to our favorite games, which sometimes can dramatically change the feel of the game. These updates are the flames that keep the interest in a game alive while attracting players back to the activity. Although a game does not truly die … Continue reading Unfinished Business: The State of Today’s Games