An Interview with Ayden Green

 An Interview with Ayden Green Ayden Green is a pianist that is based out of Clinton Iowa. His grandma is Melinda Putman who has attended Vanderbilt University. Ayden’s work consist of modern contemporary pieces that he has composed himself. His music is a like listening to a living dream catcher and is one of the jems of talent to come out of Clinton, Iowa. 1. … Continue reading An Interview with Ayden Green

The Writer Who Hates to Write

I have the kind of relationship with writing that I otherwise primarily find with romantic partners–unhealthy, idealized, exploitative, immature, and more often draining than rejuvenating. Haha. I’ve observed that relationships of all kinds (writer/product, reader/content, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/child, etc.) suffer most not during times of true strife, but when expectations color perspective and inhibit communication. Please, allow me to demonstrate: Spritely Southern Belle meets Midwestern Weirdo … Continue reading The Writer Who Hates to Write

On Romanticism: Rousseau, Sade And The Resurrection of the Mother Colossus

All mythology commences at cosmogony, the forging of Nature from totalising origins. Man and his grand chronical has generally fathomed two orders of genesis. For the Pagan (polytheistic), he confines everything absolute and sovereign exclusively to Nature and all Her moulding forms, but for the Judeo-Christian (monotheistic), the absolute and sovereign is exclusively confined to the heavens, to Logos. All cosmogonies are thus divided in … Continue reading On Romanticism: Rousseau, Sade And The Resurrection of the Mother Colossus

Interview with Collin Strajack

by Nikee Stocker  This week, I interviewed Collin Strajack at the coffee shop Brewed Books in Davenport, Iowa. Collin Strajack is a Comedian from the Quad City area. Collin does many community projects as well as works a 9-5 job in helping people with work related insurance questions. Collin is a mental health advocate and enjoys promoting this in the community. He also hosts a … Continue reading Interview with Collin Strajack