The Possibility of Vacationing After Graduation By: Brooke Fausett

Admit it… every college student dreams of taking a nice long vacation upon exiting college. “Hello life and goodbye college textbooks!” Most everyone heads south of the border to relax and unwind from all those years of staring at a computer screen. I bet you can already smell the salty sea air and feel the sand between your toes. Before you decide to lay down your credit card here are the top two factors you should think about before you act…

1. Money

We should all accept the fact that money does not grow on trees. You should consider what will happen to your bank account if you decide to go on your dream vacation. When you add up your airline ticket, hotel, food, drinks, and entertainment… how much will that leave with for your next month’s rent? This thought leads me to my next point.

2. Stability

Exactly what will happen to you when you return? Chances are your student loans and your everyday bills will be smacking you right in the face. I understand that you are dying to go on your “vacation from life” but think about what you will be facing when you are no longer at the beach. What if you contract a virus or accidentally break a leg when you return? Now there will be medical bills and therapy visits to deal with.

“Still thinking about that trip?”
Well, if you must go on that dream trip then it’s ultimately your choice. I just wanted to throw a reminder that trips are expensive and sometimes out of reach. If you can afford your dream vacation and still afford your next meal… then my advice for you is to “Go for it!”

“Not sure where to travel?”
Don’t worry… just follow this link to the “Top Ten Vacation Places To Go After You Graduate.” Take a look at the bottom of the article and begin dazing at your new vacation spot!

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