Netflix Review: How To Get Away With Murder

By: Sidney Godsil


If you are the type of person that enjoys suspenseful and dramatic fictional murder television shows, this would the perfect show for you!

My quick summary: A professor at a university teaches students and her associates in a class labeled ‘How to get away with Murder.” The show leads to multiple murders and cases that her and her colleagues work on to win. Each episode has a new twist and story to follow. You will always be on the edge of your seat!

My favorite character: Connor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee. At first, he comes off as an arrogant, handsome law student who seems unapproachable. However, as the show goes on, viewers get to see the real person underneath, who a lot of us can relate to.

Overall rating: 8/10. After watching a few episodes, I was instantly hooked on the suspense that the show created. I had to binge watch because I had to know what happened next. However, the show will always have constant drama occurring which can be overwhelming. I usually need a break from watching this show to remember that not everyone is a horrible murderer.

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