The Means, Part One

The Means, Part One: A Peek Behind the Curtain By Bobby Dillon This will be a column in eight parts. Through this column I hope to get us all thinking and talking about politics differently. We’ve been fed bullshit most of our lives and this column wants to cut through it without pulling punches. Comments? Questions? Email me at A specter is haunting America. … Continue reading The Means, Part One

Resident Evil 3 and the Pandemic

Resident Evil 3 and the Pandemic By Logan Volkert Throughout the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, videogames have been offering many people a way to cope with the difficult times. Especially in times of uncertainty, high stress, and when many people are stuck at home, videogames can provide a healthy way of escaping into a different world where you, the player, assumes ultimate … Continue reading Resident Evil 3 and the Pandemic


What is the Society of Accountancy? The Society of Accountancy (SOA) provides opportunities for accounting students to develop a better understanding and appreciation for the accounting profession and/or their selected interest areas in accounting. We also provide scholastic acheivement, to foster development of professional attitudes, to provide an environment for iondividuals with similar interest to engage in social and professional activities, and to promote solidarity … Continue reading STUDENT ACTIVITIES

Beware of Fraudulent Employment Scam Emails

An email claiming to offer a position in a non-existent “Student Empowerment Program” is currently circulating to WIU students and employees. This email is a scam. Do not respond to the email; please mark the email as phishing to help reduce the amount of emails that get delivered to other individuals. One easy way to tell that the email is not associated with WIU is … Continue reading Beware of Fraudulent Employment Scam Emails

Claim your Edu Tax Credit! 1098-T, Tuition Statement

Western Illinois University will deliver my IRS Form 1098-T electronically every year a student has reportable transactions (for information about IRS Form 1098-T and Tax Benefits for Education, see Students can retrieve their 1098-T via STARS. To retrieve, log into STARS. Continue reading Claim your Edu Tax Credit! 1098-T, Tuition Statement