What Are You Going to Do When the Semester is Over? By: Stephanie Hoover

I for one am never going to read again! Just kidding, I have a stack of books I’ve ordered over the semester I’m going to read. Some of which are: the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, the Unwind Dystology series, the Hunger Games series, Chuck Palahniuk’s Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread…oh, and a stack of 10+ books for my thesis starting in the fall!

Am I going to do anything other than read? Why yes, yes I am! I’m hoping to visit my family for a few weeks during the summer, go to Maquoketa Caves, purchase and make use of a kayak, go to the drive-in theater, bike intently (hopefully along the river), Netflix binge, and turn my basement into a gym. I also plan to avidly apply for scholarships and write as much as I plan to read. The summer makes for a great time to write that novel or two you’ve not had time to write during the busy semester. However, you want to make sure to give yourself mini goals otherwise you’ll spend the whole day by the pool thinking of your newly introduced character’s name…I always get held up on names! And if you’re ever looking for things to do, despite people hexing Facebook and all of its potential evils, I actually find more things to do on there than anything else. There are tons of garage sales, bazaars, concerts, races, benefits, festivals, cosplay events, yoga classes, plays, comedy shows, and let’s not forget the Farmer’s Market! I better finish my paper so my “summer” can begin!

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